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Hi, I'm Sara Kelly, Artist and Designer of Sara Kelly, photoshop portraitSara Kelly Graphics f/k/a Over the Moon Graphics & Design.

Here is a little background about me:
have a strong background in arts and crafts, with formal schooling in jewelry design and fine art from the State University of New Paltz. My graphic design reflects my training, utilizing hand drawn images and an eclectic range of colors and layout, in non-traditional ways. I specialize in Adobe Photoshop, and have years of experience manipulating images, creating color separations, enhancing photos and creating original artwork with the aid of a pressure sensitive tablet and wireless mouse. You are invited to scroll through my site for samples of my work. I also act as a troubleshooter for pre-press and technical problems that can happen (and do) in many aspects of graphic design.

Over the Moon Beads and Gifts opened in 1999, I created all the graphics, including sign painting, logos, advertisements and anything else needed for the store. Over the Moon Graphics was formed in 2002 when I began freelance designing for local companies.  I built my first websites from scratch in 2003 for the local Chamber of Commerce, and for Over the Moon Beads and Gifts. Primarily self-taught, I have years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Dreamweaver, plus working knowledge of many other programs. 

Through the years of working, I realized that I am very willing to tackle any design challenge, in many different mediums, paper, fabric, jewelry, airbrushing, oil painting, illustrations and of course, computer generated graphics. If you have a sketch, an old photo, or just an idea that you want fixed, changed or produced, please let me try to help you. I really enjoy it!

Thank you very much for your interest.

Sara Kelly, Sara Kelly Design, aka Over the Moon Graphics and Design spiral