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2011 calendar art

spiralOriginal Art by Sara Kelly,
Sara Kelly Graphics f/k/a Over the Moon Graphics

2018 Calendars are Here!

Nick-named Over the Moon Press, I started producing art for cards in 2000. Over the years I decided to produce calendars too, in small quantites for sale through the Over the Moon Beads Storefront or by mail.

See the samples of some of my favorite pieces and contact me if you would like cards or a calendar,(make sure to mention art in the subject line).

Some of the art on this page was electronically created using a variety of programs and a pressure sensitive stylus. The rest was produced using watercolor paints, with paper and brush, or colored pencil on illustration board, the old fashioned way. spiral

Purple Horse
September flight
Sleeping godess Rebirth Goddess Farms in Washington County
Morning Glory seed packet
Full moon dance
Cat with wings
Sunflowers with crow
Cat in sun
January crows